Re-using your cake

The rubber bands

The rubber bands used are unfortunately not recyclable. However, you will always find yourself looking for one, so you can definitely re-use them.

The cardboard 

Luckily, the cardboard are all recyclable.

The cellophane

The cellophane we've used is bio-degradable.


What do I do with all the ribbons?

Now for the ribbons. The ribbons have really endless usage, all you need is a granny or mommy, or in some cases, yourself, to create any of these ideas. Definitely use Pinterest/Google for inspiration, if needed.


-Taggy Toys/ Blanket

-Dancing Ribbon Ring

-Hola Hoop


-Suncatcher/ Dreamcatcher


My friend's mum did this for her granddaughter

All of these are great for new babies and contributes to sensory & motor skills development.


 Or simply use to wrap gifts or any DIY project!

 Do use # thebabypetal, so I can see and share further.


Keep in mind, that I have to glue these ribbons on though, to keep them in place. I have tried to use minimal glue, so they can be re-used. In some cases, you can carefully try to peal it off and maximum usage.


What about all the other stuff?

Put the flowers in a vase.

Use the chiffon flower to make a headband or add to a treasure basket (Pinterest!). Or why not combine with the ribbons to diy a baby mobile?

Use the accessories on doors or walls for decorative purposes.